Sunday, January 27, 2013

How To Baby Proof A Hotel Room

Staying in a hotel can be a challenge if you're traveling with a baby or toddler. There are cords, small objects, drawers, doors, etc. Before checking in to your hotel you should ask the front desk if they offer any type of baby proofing, I have heard of some hotels doing this. I wish more would offer this! But you can baby proof your hotel room in under 15 minutes if you follow the advice you are about to read!

For starters, purchase ahead of time any baby proofing equipment you would normally use at home. Or bring your own items from your house to save the money. Outlet covers, a toilet lid, doorknob covers, lysol, tape, a safety gate and table corner covers are all on my must have list. When you enter the hotel room I recommend getting down on the floor (on your baby or toddler's eye level) and looking for anything that could pose harm to your child. For example, if you see a lamp cord that is dangling across the floor you might want to either unplug the lamp or tape the cord to the wall to prevent your child from grabbing or tripping on the cord. Lysol is my #1 recommended item for spraying the hotel room television remotes. I read somewhere that tv remotes have so much bacteria and germs and are usually not cleaned by housekeeping! EEK! I always do a quick spray of items that I know my children will want to grab when we first get to a hotel. Don't forget to check the blinds and any long cords that may be a potential hazard to baby. I always place the trashcan in the bathroom so that my children can not touch it. You want your hotel room to feel as safe and as close to home as possible.

We always bring a few of our children's favorite toys, dvd's and stuffed animals as well. We place them in a designated spot of the room and this is usually where the children will sit and play while we pack the cooler, get ready for the day at Disney, etc. If you have a crawler I would recommend putting down some of those cute brightly colored squares on the floor if you have them.


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