Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Top 5 Adult Drinks At Disney World

There are so many great adult drinks available at Walt Disney World. Epcot is my favorite place to score a fun adult cocktail. The top 5 adult drinks at Disney World in my opinion are:

1. Pina Colava-This can be found at most resort bars at Disney World. My favorite frozen drink at Disney! The Pina Colava is made with Bacardi Black Razz rum blended with Pina colada mix and raspberry puree and costs $8.50.

2. Grey Goose Citron Lemonade Slush-This can be found at Epcot near Chefs De France for about $8 per glass. Warning-this drink is a bit tart, if you would prefer a sweeter drink try the Grand Marnier Orange Slush.

3. Frozen Wildberry Margarita-Found at the Mexico Pavillion in Epcot for about $9.50. This is not your average margarita! Absolutely delicious on a hot day. I love visiting La Cantina De San Angel in Mexico for a quick drink and nacho's.

4. Yak Attack-This is such a bright and colorful drink! Be sure to take a picture, it is just that cool! The Yak Attack is found at Animal Kingdom at Upcountry Beverages and will cost you $9. It is a mix of mango daiquiri, Bacardi light rum and wildberry flavors.

5. Lapu Lapu-This is a strong drink but who doesn't love a drink served in a hollowed out pineapple?! The Lapu Lapu is available at the Polynesian Resort at both Kona CafĂ© and O'hana along with the Tambu Lounge. The Lapu Lapu consisted of Myers rum, 151 rum and sweet and sour mix. This drink will set you back $12.

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