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Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Tips On How To Get Back In The Back To School Routine

  • Move bedtime to an earlier time one week before school begins to help with the transition of waking up early
  • Encourage your kids to have a healthy snack after school
  • To ensure homework is done on time I have my kids do their homework after their snack. This way I am not rushing to check home work on the way to the bus in the mornings. 
  • Pack lunches the night before 
  • Create a weekly lunch chart so that your kids can pack their own lunches if they are old enough
  • Always check your children's bookbags/folders the night before school. You don't want to miss an important form that might require your signature. 
  • The #1 tip I could give any parent for getting back in the 'back to school' routine is get plenty of sleep! Yes-parents need to get plenty of sleep too! 

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