Wednesday, June 28, 2017

All About Royal Caribbean's Adventure Ocean Program

We absolutely loved Oasis of the Sea's and my children loved every minute that they spent at the Adventure Ocean Kids Club on board the ship. You can read more about our Oasis of the Seas vacation on the blog. Each evening our room steward would leave us a daily compass and an Adventure Ocean compass. These were filled with information, times and activities for the kids club. Each day the activities were different which made it nice so the children never got bored! I really love how the kids club was open all day on the island days to allow parents the opportunity to leave the ship and enjoy a kid free adult activity such as renting a jet ski or simply shopping! 

We participated in the family science activity on Day 3. The children really enjoyed this. We made volcano's erupt! This was a really fun and educational science experiment. This was free of charge and only lasted about 30 minutes.

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  1. I've been searching the Internet for kids club compasses. Thank you SO much for posting these! Looking forward to our cruise, 59 days!

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  3. i have a question. how do the staff communicates with you if the kids want to leave the camp or have a accident or start crying?

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