Wednesday, December 28, 2011

To Fly Or Drive?

Airfare to Orlando is actually very affordable however we have opted to drive due to the amount of baby gear we will need to bring. To save money are driving to Orlando Florida from Virginia (12 hour drive with 3 kids!!). Driving allows us to easily transport our packnplay for the baby, double stroller for the kids, cooler for snacks along the way and luggage.

If you fly to Orlando and chose to leave your stroller at home you will have to rent one when you arrive at the theme parks-fyi I have heard that the strollers at Disney do not easily accomodate babies. The rental price for a double stroller at Disney is $30 per day! It would be cheaper to fly to Orlando and go to the nearest Walmart and purchase a umbrella stroller ($20) for each child to use while you are at Disney World. Flying will save you a lot of time but driving to Orlando is the best option for those traveling on a budget. Be sure to have your car or van inspected prior to your trip-oil change, tires checked, etc to prevent any problems.

Here is my list of great snacks for children when traveling in the car:

1. Goldfish
2. Raisins
3. String Cheese
4. Graham Crakers
5. Dry cereal such as Cheerios

I usually make a trail mix in individual sealed bags for each child to snack on in the car. I fill it with Goldfish, Cheerios & m&m's. You can get creative and do a Disney themed snack if you have the time, adding things like themed fruit snacks, etc. I have even heard of mom's making goodie bags for their children prior to their trip. The goodie bags include a few snacks, stickers, small toys (check out the Dollar Tree or the dollar section at Target) and quiet activities such as a new book for the child to look at to keep them occuppied for a few hours of the trip. If your car or van has a DVD player be sure to bring along a few new movies for your children to watch to keep their attention. To save money you could swap movies with friends prior to your trip so that your children are watching something they may not have seen before.

Be sure to bring a cooler packed with plenty of bottled waters, juice boxes, sippy cups, etc The last thing you want is to have children having to go potty every hour, I recommend bringing along a travel potty. You will still have to pull over for the children to use the bathroom however this saves time and prevents children from using dirty reststops filled with germs. Tip: fill water bottles with water a few days prior to leaving and put them in the freezer. They will serve as a ice pack to keep items cold in the cooler and they will slowly melt so that you will arrive in Orlando with plenty of bottled water to take into the parks.

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