Monday, March 4, 2013

Disney On A Budget-Part 3

This week our topic is Disney snacks! Snacks at Disney are not your typical snacks let me tell you. There are so many amazingly delicious snacks available. But snacking can add up quickly. You might find yourself wanting to try everything and spending well over $100 per day just on snacks! Magic Kingdom is my personal favorite when it comes to snacks. The dole whip is on my 'must have' list along with the warm cinnamon bun. I also love the Mickey ice cream bar, such a classic choice but yet so yummy. The nutella waffle sandwiches look delicious and I hope to try one soon.

I suggest to anyone who has not been to Disney World to pick 1 snack per day that you want to try. Budget out money each day for your whole family for snacking. I think that a fair snack budget would be $20 per day for the whole family to have 1 snack. The kids can split a snack (unless it is a popsicle...could get messy splitting that!) and each parent could have 1 snack. Do you have a favorite Disney snack? Comment below and let me know!

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