Thursday, March 21, 2013

Getting Ready For Your Disney Road Trip

My family of five travels almost 800 miles to get to Orlando FL. Eleven hours later I always ask myself, why did we not fly?? But flying would cost over $1000 so we opt to make the long drive. Last year we drove straight without stopping over for a night. We did stop at least three times to stretch and have lunch. We left at 5 am and drove all day long. I had made the kids goody bags filled with fun activities to keep them somewhat busy on the ride down. I wished later that I had made them one for the ride back home too!

This year we are going to leave after lunch and drive six hours and stop for dinner followed by a night at a hotel. This will help break the long drive up and the kids really do enjoy getting out of the van to stretch and play for more than just a few minutes. We will be packing a separate duffle bag with everyone's pj's and clothes for the next day. This way we do not have to unpack the whole van for just one night.

When getting ready for your Disney road trip I recommend that you have your vehicle serviced two to three weeks before your trip. Do not wait until the day before you are scheduled to leave because you might find out that your vehicle needs to have some work done. You should have the oil changed and all state inspections completed. The last thing you want is to experience car problems on your road trip. Check your tire pressure too. It is a good idea to purchase a road side emergency kit if you do not already own one. These are great to store in your vehicle and usually come stocked with a flashlight, jumper cables, tire sealant (for fixing a flat), necessary tools, first aid kit, etc. for less than $40 dollars.

I always take our van to the car wash the day before we hit the road for a complete interior and exterior cleaning. I also make sure to fill up the gas tank the day before to save time the day of the actual trip. When packing the car for your road trip try to space your kids out as much as possible...this will allow for less arguing trust me. We separate our kids in the van, the oldest gets the whole back seat to spread out and the other two are in the middle row. They each bring a backpack with things to keep them busy in the car. In their backpacks I put a few snacks (that are not messy) and my oldest has a Nintendo DS that she brings on road trips. In addition to their backpacks you could make them a Disney road trip goody bag and surprise them with this on the day of the actual trip. Do not give these to them in advance! I also pack the van the night before we are leaving to save even more. When it is time to hit the road all I have to do is grab my kids, the cooler and toothbrushes/toiletries.

      Summary of Road Trip Tips:
  • pack a road map
  • pack a goody bag to keep your kids busy
  • check your tire pressure
  • have your vehicle serviced 2-3 weeks prior to leaving
  • purchase a road side emergency kit
  • pack your vehicle the night before
  • space your children out in the vehicle if possible
  • leave a spot open to change diapers if possible
  • pack a travel potty to avoid rest stop bathrooms with little ones

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