Sunday, April 21, 2013

Hollywood Studio's Baby Care Center Review

The baby care center at Hollywood Studio's is located at the front of the park inside of the guest services building. The baby care center is really nice and a great spot to change a diaper, nurse a baby or heat up baby food. There are two private nursing rooms (on the left you can see the curtain for one) and then there is a separate area with changing tables and a small child sized potty. I must note that the child sized potty does not have the automatic flush which scares some small children. I really think that the baby care center is a wonderful place that Disney provides for mom's and dad's. I just wish that there was more than one located in the parks.

several clean changing tables located in the baby care center

private child sized potty


  1. Wow! Rarely have I seen a baby care center that look this spacious. I was really nice of Hollywood Studios to create a place like this in their facility. I just had a baby girl, who is now 4 months old, and this gives me another reason to visit them in our upcoming family vacation. Thanks for sharing!
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