Monday, April 1, 2013

Surprise Disney Breakfast Reveal

My three children had absolutely no clue that we are going to Disney World in just three weeks. It has been SO hard to keep the big secret from them and on a few occasions it even almost slipped out by accident. The kids woke up today to a very special surprise Disney themed breakfast. The kitchen table was decorated with Mickey confetti, Mickey ear shaped donuts (the circular mini waffles have been so hard to find that I just gave up and went with the donuts) and personalized shirts for the vacation! My oldest child read the words to her brother and sister from the chalkboard that I made..."20 days til Disney World" she screamed with delight. My three and half year old son was so excited and they immediately began talking about all of the rides they want to do. It was just too cute to watch the expressions on their little faces when they realized that they would be going to the happiest place in the World in just a few weeks!
20 Days til Disney!!!

What's this on my head Mommy?!

So excited!

Allie reading the sign to Hunter

Ready for Disney!

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