Sunday, May 19, 2013

Planning A Disney Themed Birthday Party

I am in the process of planning my daughter's second birthday party and let me tell you, I am having fun! My little Alexis absolutely loves Minnie Mouse and I knew right away that was going to be the theme for her second birthday party. We are having a small party with just a few children and I always try to plan parties on a budget. For starters, I chose the party date and time (afternoon party to avoid cranky toddlers who haven't had a nap!) and then I chose the party favors.

I am really excited about how cute the party favors are. I found them at a super cute Etsy shop called Bella Bargains. Each child will receive their own handmade mouse ears to wear at the party and to take home. Bella Bargains specializes in party favors and accessories on a budget. They have the most adorable chevron striped paper straws that are such a hit at parties. They sell a wide variety of party goodies ranging from super cute cupcake wrappers to party favor boxes.
can't wait to see these on all of the kiddies at the party!

wide variety of fun bright colored paper straws to choose from!
In addition to the mouse ears the children will also be receiving these adorable personalized water bottles that I found at another great Etsy shop called Grimes Graphics. They are available in pink or red with your choice of Mickey or Minnie ears (bows) for $5.89 each.
Next up I had to decide cupcakes or cake? There are just so many "Minnie" themed cupcake designs that I love that I am having a hard time to choosing! Thanks to Pinterest I have seen some really amazing cupcakes that I am hoping to reproduce myself. This is one of my favorite's:
I am not sure how I will create that bow though...
I love this three tiered cake but there is absolutely no way that I could even attempt to recreate this! Stay tuned for my next blog post on how the party turned out!


  1. This is the perfect theme. My little devil is going to turn 3 this year and I have booked one of his favorite Los Angeles venues. It is going to be a double celebration as I got promote and every body is flying here for the party and to bless my kid. I am going to have the same theme for the party.

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