Monday, June 17, 2013

Club Cool at Epcot

Club Cool is such a fun spot to cool off and taste the different flavors of soda's from different countries. Club Cool is located in the Innovations West area in Epcot and guess what? It is actually FREE! Club Cool is sponsored by Coca Cola and guests can come in and cool off and sample the 8 different flavors of soda's from around the world.
Flavors available:
Smart Watermelon-From China and this was my favorite flavor I must. A very sweet and tangy soda. Fun to mix this with the Fanta Kolita.
Kinley Lemon-From Israel this is a very bitter and tart taste.
Lychee Melo-From Thailand. This is a somewhat sweet and tangy flavored soda.
Vegitebeta-From Japan (I did not taste this one unfortunately)
Fanta Kolita-From Costa Rica, this is a fruity and sweet flavored soda.
Mezzo Mix-From Germany (I did not taste this one so I can not really comment)
Beverly-Oh the Beverly. This is one you must not skip. The Beverly is from Italy and will really wake up your taste buds!
Krest Ginger Ale-From Mozambique. This soda is quite bland in my opinion.
What's your favorite Club Cool flavor?

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