Saturday, July 13, 2013

Almost Back To School...

I have noticed many stores advertising their back to school items already! It seems a bit early or maybe I am just in denial that summer is half way over! I jumped on the bandwagon and purchased almost all of my daughter's school supplies today at Target. I have found that purchasing the generic brand school supplies helps save a significant amount of money. Last year I spent over an hour and a half labeling all of my daughter's school supplies by hand with a marker! This year I labeled all of the items and surprisingly I was finished in just ten minutes! Let me fill you in on my secret----I used Mabels Labels to save time and to make things look super cute.

I chose the Multi Color Sticky Labels with the cute little butterfly design
You can customize your labels and choose from over 40 fun and colorful designs. The set includes 45 labels and they are waterproof. This is a great way to keep track of school supplies, lunch containers, etc. There is a great sale going on now until July 31st for those of you who like to plan ahead like me!

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