Saturday, August 17, 2013

Disney Cruising 101: What Is A Fish Extender?

I am in the early stages of planning my family's very first Disney Cruise!! I had no idea what in the world a fish extender was until just recently. I kept reading about fish extenders and decorating your door with personalized magnets. It is a whole new world, literally for me since I am a first timer! I am going to share with you what exactly a fish extender is and what it is used for. I know that there are other first timers out there too!

Fish Extender-Serves as your very own mailbox while on your cruise. Hang it beside your stateroom door on the decorative fish hook that is already installed beside your stateroom door by Disney (for the daily announcements, fliers, etc.). Then you can also participate in gift exchanges with friends from the Disney Discussion Board. Fish Extenders can be personalized with your family's name and you can decide how many pockets you want. StitchesNBows Etsy shop sells adorable personalized fish extenders in different sizes. Each day your fish extender will magically be filled with goodies and handmade special keepsakes from other's participating in the "FE gift exchange". This is such a fun idea! Children love to come back to their stateroom and discover what's inside their mailbox!
Personalized Fish Extender by StitchesNBows

Door Magnets-A great way to decorate your cruise stateroom door and helps your children remember which door is yours :)

                                              How cute are these door magnets? HairMajetsyBoutique has even 
                                              more adorable magnets available at their Etsy shop.

Princess magnets for your cruise ship door or resort door by HairMajetsyBoutique

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