Thursday, August 8, 2013

Favorite Food Friday: Mickey Premium Ice Cream Bar

Happy Friday! I don't know about you but I really enjoy reading all of these wonderful posts on your favorite foods! Makes me miss Disney even more :)
When my kids hear the word snack they instantly run to the closest snack cart (conveniently located everywhere!) and beg for the Mickey Premium Ice Cream Bar--The best $3.75 we spent at Magic Kingdom :) My children love these and I have to admit, I love them just as much! Did you know they're only 5 calories!! Just KIDDING!!! :)


  1. Only 5 calories, ha you had me there. But really, it's Disney, calories don't count, you walk them off, right? Thanks so much for sharing and for joining our hop this week!

  2. We just ended a trip to Disney and the very last thing we did was get Mickey bars and eat them while watching the afternoon parade. We turned and walked out of the park right after that. Always sad to leave, but that was a great final note to go out on!

  3. 5 calories?! All food at Disney has 0 calories! :-) Mickey bars are my absolute favorite Disney food! I usually get several of them throughout our trip.