Sunday, September 29, 2013

5 Must Have Items For Spending A Day At Disney With A Baby

Traveling with a baby can be a lot of work! Many parents don't even consider traveling with a baby. I am here to help you prepare for your Disney vacation with your baby. If you prepare ahead of time and pack the must have's then both you and baby should have a great vacation.

There are 5 key must have's when traveling with a baby. If you have these 5 key items then your baby should be happy and you and baby should be able to truly enjoy your Disney vacation.

# 1 The stroller

Don't make the mistake of expecting your baby to sit in an umbrella stroller majority of the day. Would you want to be in an uncomfortable umbrella stroller all day? I recommend either renting a comfortable stroller from Kingdom Strollers. Baby will be so comfortable and able to nap and be protected from the sun. Plus the storage is so nice and your baby will be much happier.
My kids loved the double stroller we rented from Kingdom Strollers

# 2 Snacks

Be prepared. Make a list ahead of time of the many snacks your baby enjoys. It is better to over pack than to forget something. Pack these snacks and bring them with you to the park each day. Bring more than 1 snack. Snacks are key to keeping baby happy in the long lines for Dumbo, Magic Carpets, etc. etc.

#3 Sippy Cup

Pack 2 sippy cups each day for the theme parks. Fill 1 sippy cup (or bottle) with milk and keep in the cooler for baby. I recommend bringing a clean 2nd sippy cup that is empty. You can fill this throughout the day with orange juice, apple juice or water. You need to be sure to keep your children hydrated when out in the sun.

#4 Travel Stroller Fan

You can purchase ahead of time a stroller fan that will attach to your stroller. This is such a great way to keep baby cooled off. Florida can get extremely hot, even in the spring. Disney sells an adorable mickey mouse travel fan that can be purchased in most of the theme parks. Bring extra batteries too. You will need two double AA batteries.

#5 Blanket

The temperatures can drop at night and baby might get cold. Bring a blanket and sweatshirt for baby. Remember, the key to keeping baby happy is to keep baby as comfortable as possible.

When baby is happy Mommy and Daddy are able to enjoy themselves. So be prepared ahead of time for your Disney vacation with baby. Make sure you bring a stocked diaper bag full of all the things baby may need. Include a change of clothes for accidents, diapers, wipes and hand sanitizer. Don't forget sunscreen and a hat for baby too!

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