Monday, September 9, 2013

Money Saving Tips For Your Next Disney Vacation

  • Pack your own food and drinks in a soft sided cooler to avoid costly meals at the theme parks (no glass items are allowed into the parks and no straws are allowed at Animal Kingdom)
  • Plan to eat breakfast in your hotel room before heading to the parks--if your hotel offers free breakfast this is something you should definitely take advantage of!
  • If you are staying off property pack your children a breakfast to go-include easy to eat items that are mess free (cereal bar, pop tart, dry cereal, juice box, milk box, etc) This will save both money and time. Let them eat in the car or monorail on the way to the parks.
  • Make a food budget prior to your vacation and do not go over the budget! It is hard to do at Disney because there are so many awesome restaurants.
  • Limit yourself to one special sit down restaurant and then eat quick service for the rest of your dinners.
  • Let your children each chose one fun snack per day as a reward for good behavior. Try the three strikes and you're out method. Once they've had 3 "warnings" they have lost their snack.
  • Spend at least one day relaxing at the pool. This is a great free activity that children of all ages love!
  • Bring your own stroller to avoid having to rent one. If you must rent a stroller then I highly recommend renting from Kingdom Strollers. It will cost less than $70 for a week long stroller rental.
  • Visit Downtown Disney and let your children play in the water fountain. Enjoy the live music and grab lunch at Earl of Sandwich. The whole family can probably eat for less than $30.


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