Saturday, November 16, 2013

Disney With A Smoker

I know you have all seen them, Disney tries their best to place them in secluded out of the way areas, well most of them at least, the smoke infested "designated smoking areas" are located throughout the theme parks. Have you visited Disney with a smoker? I have and let me tell you it really eats up your time. My husband is a smoker and I am a non smoker. I actually have asthma, despise cigarette smoke and try my best to avoid the smoking areas like the plague.

My husband prefers to ride a few rides then visit each smoking zone at least once every few hours-this drives me crazy! When he is in the "smoking area" my kids always want to go with him thinking it is a fun attraction haha and I am stuck having to keep them occupied nearby so that we don't get too far away. Well, not this year! I have come up with a plan! :)

My brilliant plan this year: only let the husband bring in a certain amount of cigarettes. I am thinking 4 will be the maximum. This will cut back on how many trips he makes to the "smoking area" and how much time is 'wasted' in my opinion. Also, when he is in the "smoking area" I am planning to designate that as the kids snack time. We will all treat ourselves to some yummy ice cream for the kids and dole whips for mommy and then when he returns to find us he will wish he hadn't smoked! I know this sounds kind of mean but this is our vacation too. He can smoke all night long once we have left the theme park. To see a map of the designated smoking area's visit:

Designated Smoking Areas:


Smoking is allowed only in select outdoor smoking area's only. There is a $500 fine to guests smoking in non designated smoking area's such as guest rooms, restaurants, bathrooms and indoor and outdoor common area's.

If you are a smoker then the ideal resort for you is the Fort Wilderness campground. Disney allows campers to smoke at their campsites and on cabin porches. Smoking inside of the cabins is NOT allowed though.

Downtown Disney is a little more lenient with the designated smoking area's. Smoking is actually allowed throughout all of Downtown Disney with the exception of the Cirque De Solei La Nuba Theater, Disney Quest, children's areas, restaurants and shops.

Magic Kingdom currently has 6 designated area's. Most of which are conveniently located beside an ice cream shop :)

  • Aloha Isle

  • Big Thunder Mountain

  • Space Mountain

  • Fairytale Garden

  • Plaza Ice Cream Parlor

  • Walkway to Tomorrowland

Epcot currently has 8 smoking area's. A smoker's dream--haha you can smoke around the world as there are smoking area's every few countries.

  • Future World East and West 

  • International Gateway

  • China

  • Italy

  • Japan

  • Showcase Plaza East and West

Hollywood Studio's currently has 7 smoking area's.

  • ABC Commissary

  • Sunset Ranch Market

  • Echo Lake

  • Hollywood Hills Ampitheater

  • Streets of American

  • Studio Backlot Tour

  • Brown Derby

Animal Kingdom currently has the fewest smoking area's of all of the theme parks. There are just 5 designated smoking area's at Animal Kingdom.

  • Camp Minnie Mickey

  • Chester & Hester Dinosaur Treasures

  • Expedition Everest

  • Main Entrance

  • Conservation Station


  1. Sounds like you've come up with a great plan!


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