Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Flying To Orlando--Pro's and Con's

If you are flying to Disney World consider yourself lucky! There are many benefits to flying to Orlando, Florida however when you fly you no longer have access to your personal vehicle. This can be a scary thought for many Mom's and Dad's who have babies and toddlers that require a car seat.

Did you know that the Disney transportation system will pick up guests at the airport for free? You simply must let them know in advance of your flight information. However, car seats are not allowed on the Disney transportation system. This is a scary thought for someone like me who is paranoid enough with my children riding in our own car in car seats on a highway. I worry about car accidents constantly and can not stand the thought of my children (all under age 6) being on a bus, train or even air plane without their car seat.

So what is a parent to do? If you feel the same way that I feel about children being in a car seat then there are other options. You can pay for a taxi cab to transport your family to your resort from the airport. The average taxi fare from Orlando airport to Disney property is roughly $50. If you are on a tight budget and trying to determine the best option for your family I would recommend doing the math. Add up how many cab rides you will be needing (Do you need groceries? Do you need a cab ride to Universal Studio's?) The cost of relying on the taxi cab could quickly add up. If you just need a taxi cab ride to and from the airport to your resort it would cost about $100. But if you plan to do any sight seeing on your own in Orlando, purchase groceries, etc. then I would highly recommend that you rent a car. There are several car rental companies located at the Orlando airport. How convenient is that?! You can rent a small compact car for 7 days for $150 or if you need more space you could rent a mini van for 7 days for $300. This way you have your own transportation and your children can safely ride in their car seats. If you are flying with small children visit this website to print out some cute airplane themed coloring pages: http://www.bestcoloringpagesforkids.com/airplane-coloring-pages.html

PRO's of Flying:
  • Getting your vacation started as quick as possible
  • No more being stuck in a car for a long amount of time with a screaming toddler :)
  • Sometimes you can even get a direct flight to Orlando
  • No need to get a hotel to split up the long drive to Orlando
CON's of Flying:
  • Ticket prices can get expensive for a bigger family like my own (It would cost us $1,000 + to fly all 5 of us)
  • Airlines now charge an additional luggage fee per person which can add up, especially if you are traveling with small children and need to pack strollers, booster seats, packnplays, etc.
  • You wont have your own vehicle when you arrive so you will have to rely on Taxi's and shuttles to get around
  • Small children will be unable to ride in a car seat or booster seat aboard the Disney shuttle's
  • Hauling stroller, packnplay, etc. for a baby or toddler can get overwhelming


  1. This is very helpful information to consider when planning our first Disney vacation. Thank you so much for sharing your valuable insight!

  2. Excellent information as always!! :) Love the tips!