Monday, March 3, 2014

Nursing At Disney World

The baby care centers at Disney World are great! I just wish that there were more of them throughout the parks! The baby care centers are available for both Mom's, Dad's and children of all ages. There is no age limit to use the baby care centers. I find the small potties to be wonderful for my three year old who is terrified of the loud automatic flushing toilets. The baby care center in Magic Kingdom is located off of Main Street beside the Crystal Palace. The baby care centers offer a separate area for changing diapers complete with multiple clean changing tables. There is a separate area with rocking chairs and very dim lighting to help with sleepy babies. While nursing my baby girl last year on our Disney vacation we spent a lot of time walking back and forth to the baby care center for diaper changes and for me to nurse. By the second day I was tired of having to treck back and forth to the care center so I found some great spots to nurse that were secluded and tucked away from the crowds.

This is the Baby Care Center children's bathroom at Hollywood Studio's

This is the Baby Care Center microwave/sink area at Hollywood Studios. Note the curtain on the left, there are two private nursing area's here.

Very clean changing tables at the Baby Care Center pictured here at Hollywood Studio's

I am going to share with readers some great spots to nurse your baby throughout the parks without having to go all the way back to the baby care center. One of my favorite spots to nurse is located directly behind the Ye Olde Christmas shop in the back of Liberty Square. My children were able to wait in line to meet Princess Tiana with my husband while I sat on a bench in the SHADE and nursed the baby. Another wonderful spot to nurse is located in Tomorrowland across from the Buzz Lightyear ride. There are benches (they are cement so they aren't the most comfortable) in the SHADE that allow for some privacy also.

There are even a few rides that I would recommend nursing on--the Tomorrowland People Mover is one of them. The cast members were so nice and even offered my family to ride twice in a row without getting off of the ride so that I would be able to have longer to nurse. (I always had a a big nursing blanket to allow privacy). The Carousel of Progress is a great dark place to sit in the air conditioning and nurse. And of course the Disney World Railroad train is a great 20 minute scenic place to nurse.

There are changing spots located in most of the restrooms throughout the park, however, the Baby Care Center offers a room dedicated to this, complete with close to ten or more very clean and sanitary changing tables.

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