Friday, March 28, 2014

What Is Fast Pass Plus?!

Many people have been asking me what is the new Fast Pass + ?! I am here to help you learn about Disney's new Fast Pass + and how to pick your daily three attractions wisely. First of all you need to know that Disney has done away with the old Fast Pass kiosks and guests are no longer able to swipe their park ticket and receive a printed out Fast Pass for a time slot to return to the ride of their choice. Now guests who are staying on property can go online and pre arrange (60 days prior to your check in) the three Fast Pass Plus attractions for one park per day. If you are planning on park hopping unfortunately you can only receive Fast Pass + for one theme park per day. Guests staying off property are unable to access Fast Pass +. Off property guests must wait until they arrive at the theme park and find a kiosk and choose the time slots for three available attractions and then they will be given a Fast Pass +.

How It Works: 

Visit Disney's website and create an account if you don't already have one. Sign in to get started:

Select the day you want to choose a Fast Pass + for:

Select the park for the day you are selecting Fast Pass +

On the left column you will see the available Fast Pass + attractions and you can select 3:

Once you choose your three attractions for Fast Pass + there will be a choice of different times and you can pick the time frame that will work best with your schedule. Tip-try to avoid using a Fast Pass + before 11 am. this way you can make use of the less crowded rides in the early morning. For example, be at the park when gates open at 9 am and head directly to a popular attraction you know you want to ride but don't have a Fast Pass + for (Fantasyland would be where I would head--Barnstormer, Ariel meetngreet, Little Mermaid ride)


Magic Kingdom top Fast Pass + attractions:

1. Anna & Elsa Meet N Greet
2. Space Mountain
3. Splash Mountain
4. Thunder Mountain
5. Enchanted Tales with Bell
*Once Seven Dwarf Mine Train opens it will be a hot Fast Pass + attraction*

Epcot top Fast Pass + attractions:

1. Anna & Elsa Meet N Greet
2. Soarin'
3. Test Track

Hollywood Studios top Fast Pass + attractions:

1. Toy Story Midway Mania
2. Twilight Zone Tower of Terror
3. RocknRoller Coaster

Animal Kingdom to Fast Pass + attractions:

1. Expedition Everest
2. Kilimanjaro Safari
3. Kali River Rapids

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