Sunday, April 13, 2014

How To Create A Disney Themed Easter Basket + Free Easter Printables

In three simple steps you can create a magical and memorable Easter basket for your little one. I always recommend keeping things simple at any holiday especially Easter. It can really add up if you have multiple Easter baskets to create for multiple children. My rule of thumb is stick to a simple guideline when choosing items for your child's Easter basket. Three items--one book, one dvd, one stuffed animal (if your child is older then you could always skip the stuffed animal and add some fun art kit) and candy. I try to avoid giving too much candy, if your child is 3 years or younger then I would recommend Gerber snacks which tend to have less sugar. Give the amount of candy based on the age of your child, for example, a 5 year old would get just 5 pieces of small candy in their basket. A 10 year old would get 10 pieces (a jumbo chocolate bunny does NOT count as 'one' piece of candy though folks). Here are some fun Easter themed preschool free printables.

---Book, DVD & Stuffed Animal

Make things fun, hide a small toy or sticker in the Easter eggs. This keeps things exciting and really gets the attention of children who are younger. Dye Easter eggs with your children and let them get messy! Don't be afraid to let them get food coloring on their hands, it is a great way to experiment. Just place a trash bag on the table to prevent messes and spills. Children won't remember what was in their Easter basket years from now, but they'll remember the memories you made with them. 


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