Thursday, June 12, 2014

WetnWild Orlando Cabana Review

My family recently visited WetnWild Orlando. We knew that we would stay the whole day at the water park so we splurged and rented a CABANA! This was such a fun treat for all of us. I knew that my kids would enjoy having a quiet place to rest, cool off and nap if need be. The cabanas are located in a private area near the lazy river. To enter the cabana area you must show your bracelet. Each cabana has a fan, table with 4 chairs, 2 very comfy lounge chairs, 4 beach towels (more are available) and a mini fridge and huge locker. There are two waitresses that service the cabana's, they were so friendly and helpful. We were able to close the curtains off to allow privacy to change the kids at the end of the day out of their wet swim suits. The cabana rentals are available online and in person on a first come first serve basis. I highly recommend making a reservation.

The cabanas are located off to themselves and you really feel like you are on a tropical island complete with sand, hammocks, palm tree's and your own private waitress

The cabanas each have a mini refrigerator with 12 bottled waters. Above the refrigerator is a huge storage cabinet that locks. This is where we stored our backpack, camera, wallet, cell phones, etc. while we were away from the cabana riding the waterslides :)

Food and drinks are available to order 

We brought a small cooler into the park with juice boxes and sandwiches for the kids to eat because they are picky eaters. We ordered lunch from the menu--I really enjoyed the chicken tenders and the seasonal fruit platter was huge! We were so glad we ordered it--there was fresh watermelon slices, honeydew slices, cantaloupe slices, pineapple, grapes, orange slices and huge strawberries. Perfect for a hot Florida day!

The Seasonal Fruit Platter was DELICIOUS and I would highly recommend it--the best $10.95 we spent all day :) 

My kids enjoyed playing in the sandy beach area located directly across from our cabana

Cabana rental prices vary depending on when you visit. During the summer the rental price is $199. Overall I would highly recommend splurging on a cabana. We thought it was wonderful and my little one's loved it!

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