Saturday, August 16, 2014

The Easy Guide To Your First Walt Disney World Visit Review

I recently read The Easy Guide To Your First Walt Disney World Visit 2014 by Dave Shute and Josh Humphrey. Let me tell you, this is a GREAT book full of awesome information for anyone planning their first Disney visit. If you can only afford to purchase one book this is the one I would recommend you purchase. I really love how it is broken down into very easy to read chapters. The book has ten chapters with really well laid out topics that anyone planning their first Disney visit really needs to know:

Chapter 1: How to use this book
Chapter 2: Why Age and Height Matter
Chapter 3: How Long To Stay
Chapter 4: When To Go
Chapter 5: Where To Stay
Chapter 6: How To Spend Your Time
Chapter 7: Where To Eat
Chapter 8: Which Tickets To Buy and How Much To Budget *My personal favorite chapter*
Chapter 9: How To Set Everything Up and Get Everything Done
Chapter 10: Where To Go Next

I am all about the details. There is a really useful touring plan itinerary for people traveling with limited time, theme park maps and typical wait times. You can read a detailed description of each ride at each theme park complete with a 'ranking', height requirements, and whether or not Fastpass + is available.

Check out this Itinerary Planning Worksheet included in the book for you to plan out your daily meals and budget

There is a really nice detailed room description and floor plan photo of each type of room at the various Disney Resorts in chapter 5. I am such a planner and I love being able to visually see charts and room layouts. I am really impressed with the details that went into this book!

The Easy Guide To Your First Walt Disney World Visit 2014 is available for purchase online at for just under $15. This is a great price and I would highly recommend it to anyone planning a Disney World vacation.

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