Saturday, August 23, 2014

We're Going On Our First Disney Cruise! Help Me Decide Which FE Gift Is Best

Please join me on the journey of planning my 1st Disney Cruise! I need your help with making some tough choices on a few things for the upcoming cruise. We have been talking about going on a cruise for several years now and we finally booked one for May 2015. I am not sure what to do about the fish extender gifts. Please comment on this post with your suggestion of what I should make for the gift exchange.

I am going to order a similar fish extender from my favorite Etsy shop StitchesNBows

I am giving out these adorable Mickey shaped wooden ornaments from Laserbird Etsy shop to each cabin in my FE group. How cute are these?

Planning to paint these cute wooden Mickey's (black) and then personalize them (in red) with the name of the cruise ship and the date. They will arrive with holes pre cut so I can add some cute ribbon and they can serve as a Christmas ornament.

I am debating on the kids gift though. Either a super cute Pirate themed goody bag filled with gold coins and an eye patch or something more personalized but I just can't think of anything creative that is unisex. Any suggestions?!

Comment below with your suggestions please!

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