Monday, November 17, 2014

Elf On The Shelf 101

You have probably heard of the Elf On The Shelf by now. If not, I am going to give you all the basics when it comes to the super popular Elf.

What is the Elf?
The Elf on the Shelf is a Christmas tradition, on the first day of December the Elf makes his appearance in your home. Your children can name your Elf and you can read the super cute book to your children. The book explains most everything on a level your children will understand. Basically, you and your children can not touch the Elf or he will loose his magical powers. He reports daily to the North Pole and tells Santa if your children have been naughty or nice.

Where can you find the Elf?
You can find the Elf online at or if you are heading to the store you can most likely find it at any big box retailer such as Target or Walmart. Barnes & Noble sells the Elf on the Shelf and many of the cute accessories.

Target has a huge selection of Elf on the Shelf items, even super cute unisex pajamas for just $12

I love the super cute Elf on the Shelf gift bags at Target

Wait, the Elf has accessories? 
Of course! For starters, when you purchase your Elf on the Shelf you can decide if you want a boy or a girl (or both!). You can choose to dress your Elf in a super cute leather jacket, game day jersey or even a satin tiered skirt. Next you can decide if you want your Elf to have a pet. New this year, Elf Pets which includes an adorable soft reindeer. There's even a DVD about the Elf called The Elf's Story. My children love this DVD. Each year we add on to our Elf On The Shelf collection. Last year we also purchased the Elf on the Shelf Christmas ornament. This year they have added a super cute coloring book, board book with sounds for little children and even a set of 4 Elf Figurines. The brand is really growing and it is just getting cuter and cuter. It is hard to resist!

How much does the Elf cost?
The Elf on the Shelf costs $29.95 and this includes the hard cover book and Elf. The Elf Pet reindeer costs $19.95 and the clothes cost $6.95 each. Target has Elf on the Shelf gift bags, wrapping paper, baking set with Elf apron and an apron for a child.

What does the Elf do?
Each day the Elf reports back to the North Pole and tells Santa if the children have been naughty or nice. Parents can have fun with the Elf and make him do funny, silly, crazy, naughty things each morning the children will have a blast trying to find the Elf and what he is up to. Here's a few example's of what our Elf was up to last Christmas.

having a picnic

Captured by the army men

sneaking into Mommy's wine!


  1. Was tgat a sweater or pj's I saw?!

  2. I really love your ideas! I'm up in the air about the elf, but love the fun and creative way you have him portrayed!

  3. I've been seeing these elves all over town and they are just too

  4. LOVE this! We just started a link-up for all things elf on the shelf with a few other awesome bloggers! You should go link up this great post with us! :) :)

  5. I would love the Elf's for my kids and for gifts to give out for the holidays.

  6. Love your post. I think Target has the biggest selection of Elf on the Shelf stuff. Love the army men.

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