Friday, January 2, 2015

Start The New Year Out Healthy

As Mom to three children under age 7 as you can imagine I go out of my way to try to prevent germs. Before the kids eat I always make them wash their hands, at school I send hand sanitizer hooked to their backpacks, I always use a shopping cart cover at the grocery store and of course I rarely let my kids play in those germy mall play areas. I know I can't protect them from everything but I try my best to help them stay healthy.

I recently became a wellness advocate with doTERRA oils. I am going to be using these oils with my new diffuser in the kitchen where we spend most of our time. These essential oils can really help you stay healthy this winter. I had no idea how beneficial oils were until I joined doTERRA. Do you suffer from tension headaches? There's an oil for that. Do you get easily stressed out? Do you find yourself not able to fall asleep at night? Know someone who suffers from restless syndrome or asthma? There's an oil for that and many more common problems that so many of us face. To learn more about these essential oils visit my website at

Start the new year out healthy and arm yourself with essential oils that will boost your immune system, help you sleep better and even fight the flu.

I am really excited for this flu remedy:

FLU BOMB - Use at the onset of illness.  Apply on throat, behind ears and bottoms of feet.
20 drops Oregano
40 drops Lemon
30 drops Onguard
Fill the rest of the way with Fractionated Coconut Oil (FCO)

You can use the oils by dropping a few drops into your diffuser or even by placing a drop or two directly on your foot or back. Some of our oils such as lemon and peppermint are wonderful when added to food. To learn more about these oils and many others visit my website at

So many awesome specials going on right now for those that want to join and become a wellness advocate. 

The new 2015 corporate incentive to join is amazing! If you enroll before January 15th with a 200 PV + order, you get a free Frankincense. That is a $93 value! This is such an amazing essential oil. (An example of a 200 PV initial order is the Home Essentials Kit. It costs $275, is 225 PV and includes 10 bottles of the most popular oils plus the Petal Diffuser and the enrollment fee is included). 

If you think you are going to want to try a lot of the essential oils then I would highly recommend joining as a wellness advocate to take advantage of 25% off the price. I am going to be hosting an information session next week and there will be a very special incentive for those that attend. Join my group here to participate in the information session next week

Benefits of joining include:

  • World's highest quality essential oils
  • I will educate you via email on how to use the oils
  • 25% discount off retail prices
  • No obligation to either buy or sell
  • Earn free products

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