Monday, May 25, 2015

Dinner At Columbia Harbour House For A Family of 5 All Under $40

Magic Kingdom is one of our children's favorite theme parks and we often pack their meals in a cooler to save money. Well, this year we decided to try to eat our dinner at a quick service location and try to see if it was possible to feed our family of 5 for under $40. Well, let me tell you, it is VERY possible to feed a family of 5 for under $40. However, there are a few tricks to doing so. First off, I ordered my own dinner from the children's menu and added a side of broccoli. Second, we had two children split a children's meal. My youngest isn't a big eater so it was not a big deal when we told her she would be sharing her meal with her sister. I just gave my youngest my side of yogurt that came with my children's meal.

The children's meals at Columbia Harbour House are really nice and include the following: 
chicken nuggets, a side of Danimals strawberry yogurt, side of grapes and a drink (milk, apple juice, soda) All of this for just $5.99!!! I chose the children's meal also but chose the macncheese and then I added a side of broccoli for just $2.19 extra. 

The macncheese is delicious and the broccoli was steamed and very flavorful 

My husband was pretty hungry so he chose the macaroni and cheese with lobster and shrimp and said it was delicious! His meal was $13.79. This could easily be split between two people if they are not super hungry. 

We chose a nice quiet spot to eat dinner on the upper floor, if you sit upstairs you will have a great view of the Haunted Mansion and the Liberty Boat

Hard to believe but my family of 5 was able to dine for under $40

Overall, Columbia Harbour House was wonderful and one of our families favorites quick service dining options at the Magic Kingdom. I would highly recommend for anyone who enjoys a good quality meal. They offer an arrangement of choices including salmon, fried shrimp, chicken, etc.

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  1. This is our favorite quick service meal in Magic Kingdom. Everyone finds something. Good portions (my kids are teens now, they eat a whole lot more).

  2. It's my favorite quick service meal also Kelly! I am sad they no longer have the delicious apple cobbler dessert though, they switched to a blueberry cobbler.