Thursday, August 20, 2015

The Honest Company Product Review

I recently purchased some products from The Honest Company ( for my children. I am really enjoying everything and I wanted to share my experience with my readers. First off, I want you to know up front that I was NOT compensated for this review, this is my own opinion. I was searching for safe products for my children and came across The Honest Company's website and started to explore the many wonderful items that they sell.

I made an online purchase and when my package arrived both myself and my three children were very excited! I purchased the Honest Wet Mopping pads (separate review here) and the hand sanitizer, fruit and veggie spray, toothpaste, shampoo/body wash and the Multi Surface Cleaner.

My kids sampled the hand sanitizer first and my 8 year old's immediate reaction was priceless! "Mommy it doesn't burn my boo boo when it goes on my hands!" she exclaimed! My son even loves the hand sanitizer!! He normally refuses to use any type of sanitizer because he says they 'stink'. This one doesn't leave your hands sticky or greasy feeling and best of all it is very mildly scented. It isn't overbearing like some sanitizers.

I purchased the kids shampoo/body wash which is lightly scented sweet orange vanilla. My children really love this and I have noticed a difference in their hair already after just one week of use. Their hair is not oily and is much easier to brush. Love this! Happy kids equal happy Mom! The shampoo/body wash (along with all of their products) contains no harsh chemicals and is hypoallergenic, tear free and safe for babies with eczema and cradle cap.

One of my favorite products that I purchased is the Multi Surface Cleaner. I am such a neat freak, I clean the kitchen table and counter tops after every single meal. Then one day I realized that the cleaner I was using contained amonia and then I thought about the fact that my kids were eating their snacks straight off the table. Ahh! I am so happy to have found this Multi Surface Cleaner that is made without amonia or any harsh chemicals! Plus it doesn't leave any type of residue behind.

The Fruit & Veggie Wash is another great must have item

The fruit and veggie spray is great! I use this almost daily because my kids love fresh fruits. I spray it on the fruit and let it sit for about two minutes then I wash and serve. Very simple and safe. The wash is more effective than cleaning with just water. It helps the fruit last up to 200% longer too! For $6.95 per bottle this is such a great item to have. Many fresh fruits contain pesticides and other harmful chemicals that water will not eliminate which is scary.

Overall, I am highly satisfied with my recent purchases from The Honest Company. My kids love the tooth paste and shampoo/body wash. Happy kids = happy Mom!

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