Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Christmas Is More Than Presents

As we begin to decorate for the quickly approaching holidays I want to remind everyone that Christmas is more than just presents. Spend quality time creating memories with your children that they will remember much longer than the presents under the tree. My children love looking at Christmas lights. We go at least once a week and check out neighborhood lights. Another fun holiday tradition for my family is when we bake cookies. Start a new holiday tradition by teaching your children the joy of giving to others. Donate your older coats that no longer fit to a local homeless shelter. Donate toys to a local church nursery or Goodwill. This year I am going to give my children the opportunity to choose a charity of their choice (from the one's listed below) and each child will get to personally pick their favorite charity to send a holiday donation to. 

Remember Christmas is more than presents

From my family to yours wishing you a Merry Christmas 

Below are some of the many wonderful charities you could donate a holiday gift to (or even volunteer your time):

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