Sunday, January 31, 2016

Valentine's Boxes For Toddlers

We spent one of our snowdays creating Valentine's boxes. I picked up this adorable kitty cat Valentine's kit from Target. My 4 year old had fun putting it together and decorating it with stickers. 

I purchased a plain pink box from Hobby Lobby for my 8 year old and she added her own stickers to the Valentine's box. If you don't want to purchase a pre made box you could always use an empty cereal box and cover it with cute wrapping paper or construction paper. 

If you're looking for some easy crafts and ideas for Valentine's cards check out my Pinterest Valentine's page  

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Saturday, January 23, 2016

Snow And More Snow

I'm snowed in ya'll! Seriously, we have over fifteen inches of snow and it is still snowing! Luckily we have plenty of crafts to keep the kids occupied!! I even baked a cake today because, well, I had nothing else to do. Luckily we have not lost power.

Our snowman measuring stick was at 4 inches on Friday afternoon when the snow storm was just getting started

My kids love the snow and love playing in the snow!

Snow selfie

Snow much fun ;)

This little guy loves the snow and sledding is his favorite 'sport' 

By Saturday morning when we woke up we had almost 7 inches of snow

Here's my cake that I threw together with ingredients I had in the pantry, the kids loved it and it was fun baking it.

Now our snowman measuring stick is barely visible and we have 12 inches of snow and it is STILL snowing!

What a beautiful view from my couch! Love watching the snow fall. Hoping that the schools won't be shut down for more than a week. The kids are going to drive me crazy after 10 days snowed in! 

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Friday, January 15, 2016

Quick & Easy Shepherds Pie Recipe With Just 4 Ingredients!

I don't know about you, but I'm tired of cooking the same old things every night. I decided to use what I had in my pantry and throw together the quickest and easiest shepherds pie ever! This is so easy it literally took me just 5 minutes to prepare this meal. Then it just has to bake about 15 minutes. Best of all this recipe just uses 4 ingredients! Score!!

In a big pan cook 1 lb of ground beef. Then drain and add back to pan. Combine 1 can (8 oz.) of diced tomatoes (I used chili ready tomatoes) and 1 can of pea's.

Add the mixture from your pan to a casserole dish (9x9) and add mashed potatoes to the top. To save time you can use instant mashed potatoes ;) Bake at 350 for 15 to 20 minutes.

Super easy shepherds pie is now one of my kids favorite meals! 

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Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Redan Magazine Review

Looking for a super sweet Valentine's Day surprise for your kiddies? Redan magazines make great gifts for any occasion. I love the fact that the magazines are filled with activities to keep your child engaged. Plus they have such a great variety of activities, word searches, hidden pictures, craft ideas, etc. My 8 year old will spend at least 45 minutes reading and completing activities in the magazine.

Here's a peek at the activities my 8 year old completed:


Hidden Pictures


Redan magazines are available at many bookstores or you can order online. My kids LOVE to get mail and sometimes I will just surprise them and place a magazine in their special reading spot at home. These magazines really make learning fun for children of all ages!

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Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Put Yourself First This Year

Mom's always put everyone else first, your kids, your spouse, etc. After a long and busy winter break I decided to treat myself. Once school started back up I decided to set aside one hour and make a few phone calls and schedule a few appointments that I had been putting off. It is amazing how relaxed I felt after just making the phone calls and getting everything scheduled! I made an appointment for a one hour facial and a one hour massage at followed by a hair cut appointment and waxing.

I run around and do so many errands for my three children that I finally realized I need to do something for myself or else I am going to get burnt out. In order to be the best mom and spouse that I can be I need to take more time for myself. I had been really good about going to weekly yoga back in October but once the holidays approached that quickly dwindled and I found myself having less and less free time for yoga or anything for myself.

Cheers to a fresh start and a New Year! I encourage all of my blog readers to put themselves first this year and do something for YOU!

Tips on putting yourself first:

  • Spend just a few minutes at the beginning of each week looking at your schedule and calendar and choose a day/time that would work for you to have time to do something YOU want to do.

  • Go to the bookstore and find a good read for yourself. Reading is one of my favorite ways to relax.

  • Treat yourself to lunch at your favorite spot when your kids are at school.

  • Spend some time catching up on your favorite tv shows!

  • Do something you haven't done in a long time that you miss doing.

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Friday, January 1, 2016

Start The New Year Out Healthy With Essential Oils

Start the new year out healthy! Did you know that just last year I became a doTERRA Wellness Advocate? And since joining last January I have been to the doctor a total of 1 time for a physical. I have not had any 'sick' visits nor have I had to take any antibiotics! This is quite remarkable for me considering I have three children under the age of 8. Prior to using essential oils I suffered from occasional anxiety and daily stress along with allergies.

I now use three essential oils on a daily basis and I no longer take any allergy medication. My three 'go to' essential oils are:
Balance (this helps with elevating moods and lessens anxiety)
On Guard (this oil helps your immune system and helps to purify the environment when diffused)
Peppermint (this essential oil helps respiratory function and clear breathing)

Now is such an awesome time to join doTERRA!!! If you become a Wellness Advocate like me you can receive products at a whole sale cost and there are some great specials going on now. You can learn more about essential oils and their many benefits by attending my online information class which will be offered this Monday January 4th on my Facebook page

If you sign up to become a Wellness Advocate within 3 days of attending the info session then you will receive $200 of FREE products! Also, if you spend $200 by January 15th (basically purchase of a starter kit) you will receive a FREE bottle of Frankincense oil ($93 value) along with the monthly oil (Lime) for FREE.

Here is my website
Be sure to send me a message and let me know you are interested in attending the online info session on Monday January 4th. I will then send you more info. Can't attend the online info session on Monday? That's ok, just comment below your email address and I will send you information.

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