Saturday, January 23, 2016

Snow And More Snow

I'm snowed in ya'll! Seriously, we have over fifteen inches of snow and it is still snowing! Luckily we have plenty of crafts to keep the kids occupied!! I even baked a cake today because, well, I had nothing else to do. Luckily we have not lost power.

Our snowman measuring stick was at 4 inches on Friday afternoon when the snow storm was just getting started

My kids love the snow and love playing in the snow!

Snow selfie

Snow much fun ;)

This little guy loves the snow and sledding is his favorite 'sport' 

By Saturday morning when we woke up we had almost 7 inches of snow

Here's my cake that I threw together with ingredients I had in the pantry, the kids loved it and it was fun baking it.

Now our snowman measuring stick is barely visible and we have 12 inches of snow and it is STILL snowing!

What a beautiful view from my couch! Love watching the snow fall. Hoping that the schools won't be shut down for more than a week. The kids are going to drive me crazy after 10 days snowed in! 

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