Thursday, March 10, 2016

Easter Basket Must Have's

 I really love creating fun Easter baskets for my children each year. But it seems like now days everyone is going overboard with candy, candy and more candy! I really don't want to stuff my children's Easter baskets full of junk food and candy. No thanks! I always make sure that each child's Easter basket is similar.

Must have's for the Easter baskets include: a book, a chocolate bunny or eggs and of course an Itty Bitty from Hallmark! My children collect these and they even sell the cutest little egg's to hold the Itty Bittys.
My 4 year old loves Sofia the First so her Easter basket will include this new Sofia Itty Bitty and of course a Sofia book

How cute are these new Star Wars Itty Bittys?! My son is going to love these! 

Here's a peak at our Easter baskets from last year---Each basket contains an Itty Bitty, a Dvd, books, Peep's and M&M's for each child.

Easter Basket Must Have's:
Hallmark Itty Bitty

Remember to keep it simple, keep it affordable and keep it fun! If it costs more than $10 it doesn't make the basket. It's not your child's birthday--it is a simple Easter basket! I try to only spend about $20/child on Easter basket goodies. How much do you spend?

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