Saturday, March 26, 2016

Quick and Easy Curb Appeal Updates

We have lived in our home for just about ten years now. We have never thought about replacing the front door even though I had never really liked it. I had been thinking of ideas to try to improve our curb appeal and then it hit me! Replace the front door! This is such a quick and easy way to improve your home's curb appeal!

Here is our front porch and our old front door:
We take a ton of photos on our front porch (First day of School photos, holiday photos, birthday celebrations, etc.)

First of all we brainstormed what we were looking for in a front door. I wanted it to be pretty and I did not want a black front door any longer. We went to Lowes and found exactly what we were looking for! We purchased our new front door for just $300 and it brightened our interior hallway because it has a beautiful oval window. Here's the door we purchased from Lowe's.

It is frosted glass in the center so that you can not see completely through the window for privacy

The new front door has really improved our curb appeal and serves as a beautiful backdrop for our photos! 

Tips for updating curb appeal:

Plant some bright colorful flowers by your front porch
Hang a fern or hanging basket of flowers on your front porch
Give your front door a fresh coat of paint
Sweep the steps and give your porch rails a fresh coat of paint
Update your front door if you don't like your existing one
Add a cute plant or small potted tree to your front porch

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