Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Aulani Or A Disney Cruise? Which Is A Better Value

There are many things to consider when planning a vacation. For my family of 5 the biggest factor for choosing a destination for our vacation is the cost. Did you know that the average family only takes one vacation per year? After doing some research I discovered that the average family spends 5 to 10% of their earned yearly income on their vacation. For example, if a family earns $40,000 in a year then their vacation budget should be between $2,000 to $4,000.

For our vacation next summer I am debating between Disney's Aulani Resort in Hawaii or a Disney Cruise for my family of 5. There are so many factors to consider when planning a vacation: cost, space of the room(s), food, activities, etc. Disney's Aulani Resort in Hawaii will require my family of 5 to purchase plane tickets which is an additional expense. Also, food is not included as it is on a Disney Cruise. These are all additional fee's that add up quickly.

I feel like the best value for your money is a Disney Cruise. However, some would argue that even though food is included on a cruise, the staterooms are lacking in space especially for a family of 5. This is something to take into consideration. Do you want to spend your vacation cramped in a 300 sq foot stateroom with your children sleeping just a few feet away? For me, the answer is NO! Haha.

I priced out a 7 night Caribbean Disney Cruise for a family of 5 in a family stateroom with verandah and the total price was just under $10,000! I also priced out Aulani Resort DVC one bedroom unit for a family of 5 for 7 nights and the cost is much less than Disney Cruise at just $3,626! But once you add in airfare for 5 people it makes the total vacation price $9,000. Plus you have to consider the cost of groceries (there will be a kitchen so you can save money by cooking meals) and you have to consider the cost of a rental vehicle. Basically, in my opinion, for a larger family such as mine a Disney Cruise is priced similarly to Aulani Resort (once you add airfare).

All in all it is about the same price to vacation at Disney's Aulani Resort or a Disney Cruise! Which would you choose?

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