Saturday, August 6, 2016

The Carolina Opry At Myrtle Beach Review

My family visited The Carolina Opry located in North Myrtle Beach a few weeks ago and we had THE best time! My children (ages 9, 6 and 5) were so into the show and truly enjoyed it as much as my husband and I did! We arrived thirty minutes prior to the show to pick up our tickets and purchase popcorn and drinks. The concessions are really nice and I would recommend arriving early so you can grab your popcorn. The show is so entertaining that you won't want to miss a minute. The show is a two hour show including high energy music, comedy and dance. My children really enjoyed the music and dancing. The highlight of the show for my girls was when Elsa made a surprise appearance singing a few of her well known songs from the movie Frozen. The Carolina Opry show features the famous cloggers "All That" who were featured on America's Got Talent. They are amazing! The show also features Nashville's recording artist, Brad Long. He is absolutely fantastic!

Katy Perry's song "Firework" was a big hit for my kids!

The cast is incredibly talented

Elsa even appeared for a few well known songs from "Frozen"

The Carolina Opry show is rated as the top attraction at Myrtle Beach and I can totally see why!! We hope to return again next summer. My children are still talking about how much fun the show was. If you only have the time and/or money to do one show at Myrtle Beach this is it! The cast is incredibly talented and the show is really entertaining. I would highly recommend The Carolina Opry.

To purchase tickets for The Carolina Opry visit their website. Ticket prices start at just $10.70 for children (ages 3-16 years old) and $27.90 for adults for general admission.

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