Tuesday, January 10, 2017

How To Save Money At The Grocery Store

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Grocery prices keep increasing making the grocery budget off the charts! I remember when I could buy a weeks worth of groceries for my family of 5 for less than $120. Not anymore! We spend on average $150 per week and that is if we are really limiting the kids snacks, paper products ,etc. I am here to share with you some great money saving tips on how to save money at the grocery store. For starters, always come with a grocery list. Don't make the mistake of coming to the grocery store without a shopping list. This will result in a lot of unnecessary items being purchased. 

Always make a grocery list
Never shop when you are hungry
Plan your meals out prior to going to the grocery store
Purchase store brand items (generic brands) to save money
Buy items that are on sale
Create a realistic weekly grocery budget

If I see that something is on sale that we use on a regular basis then I will go ahead and purchase a few. Also, if I see that something is buy one get one free I always buy at least 3 (only if this is something we would be needing anyways in a week or two). I try to always plan out our weekly meal's prior to going to the grocery store. This will help me stay organized and helps me stay on track at the grocery store. I create a grocery budget and if I go over budget one week then I usually stay under budget the following week by avoiding items that we do not absolutely need. 

Be sure to read the grocery store weekly ad's, clip coupons and sign up for your grocery store's loyalty program card which will usually save you some money each week on certain items.

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