Friday, January 20, 2017

How To Save Money For A Vacation

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A family vacation is a must have for this Momma!! I feel like every Mom needs something to look forward to and a vacation is just the fix for me. I really enjoy the whole planning process for a vacation however I don't enjoy the whole saving the money for the vacation....I learned last year that it is a much better plan to start saving for a vacation a year in advance.

In order to save for your family vacation it is really important to set a "vacation budget" and try not to go over it. Also, after you set your "vacation budget" try to make a plan of how to save money each month to apply towards the vacation. I recommend trying to save at least $200-$400 per month if you can swing it. This will add up very quickly over just about 6 months. Be sure to put the money that you are saving into a special savings account so that you aren't tempted to use it for other things.

Did you know the average family vacation costs $1,200 to $4,500 for a family of four. Vacation prices can really vary depending on where you're going and how you are planning to get there. Flying will cost a lot more. If you start saving immediately after your vacation is over for the next vacation then it will just become a monthly habit that you will learn to adjust to financially.

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