Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Must Have Items For A Cruise

Today I am going to share with you some of my favorite must have items for a cruise!! My family is really excited about our upcoming Royal Caribbean cruise to the Caribbean. After reading Cruise Critic I discovered these awesome clear cruisetags for your baggage. These tags are especially nice because they will fit your Royal Caribbean baggage tags that you print out at home and they will protect them in the event of rain. These awesome baggage tags can be purchased online at Amazon. An 8 pack costs $10.95.

Photo credit: Amazon

Another great item to have for a cruise is a selfie stick!! I love pink and I was so happy to discover this super compact extendable selfie stick!! Selfie sticks are great, especially when you're on vacation and you want to capture the moment and actually be in the family photo also! This selfie stick is on sale this week for just $4.99!! I purchased it a few weeks ago for $14.99. So act fast! It is available online at Amazon
photo credit: Amazon

Another great item for cruising is this super cute wet and dry bag by Yummi Pouch. Perfect for packing up on the last day of your cruise if you have a wet swimsuit that you don't want in your suitcase getting everything wet. Also these bags are great for your beach bag to hold your sunscreen, bug spray, etc. to keep these liquid items separate from your clothes and towels. I just love the fun bright colors in this chevron pattern.These are available online at Amazon

photo credit: Amazon

Another must have for cruisers, especially if you are unsure whether or not your children will suffer with motion sickness while on a cruise is motion sickness bands. I purchased these bands at Triple A but I believe that you can find these at pharmacies, online and maybe even Walmart. 

I also recommend purchasing suction hooks for hanging your wet swimsuits to dry in your shower. Most cruise ship staterooms sadly do not have a lot of space for hanging your wet swimsuits to dry after a day at the beach or the pool. As a family of 5, we have quite a lot of swimwear to hang. So I purchased these heavy duty suction hooks from Bed Bath & Beyond. They cost $10 for a 6 pack. I can also use these at home before and after the cruise.

Be sure to stay tuned to read more cruise tips in just a few weeks! 

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  1. Well said! Connect with the shared list. Thanks for sharing dear :)

  2. LOVE wet and dry bags. Had one when my kids were babies and we STILL use it!

  3. Great basics! Going on a cruse sounds like so much fun.

  4. This is great, I love a selfie stick for holidays too! Thanks fro sharing :)

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