Thursday, December 26, 2019

Ways To Get Organized In 2020 + Free #Printable

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New Years is quickly approaching and it is almost time to put away the holiday decorations and that means time to get organized again!! To kick off a new decade make a list of your goals using the printable below. Ask yourself what is your yearly goal? What about a 3 month and 1 month goal?

For me personally, my one month goal is to get organized. This includes organizing my pantry, my bathroom cabinets, my kids closets and our garage. My three month goal is to loose 20 pounds. I just purchased a treadmill so that I can work out rain or shine in the comfort of my home. My yearly goal is to pay off our debt. I will share with you in much more detail how I plan to achieve these goals in the coming weeks.

Starting January 1st, 2020 we will kick off with how you can get your sh*t together, get organized and tackle your goals. Be sure to join our free weekly emails as we focus on setting goals, getting organized and tackle our budget plan. Step 1: complete the goals printable below.

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