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Sunday, February 23, 2014

My #DisneySide Party Sneak Peak

I was selected by Disney At Home Celebrations to host my very first #DisneySide party this year! I am beyond excited to have been selected to be a party host. You may remember, I received an awesome package in the mail filled with goodies to host the party including an American Tourister 20" Spinner! Here is a sneak peak of my #DisneySide party.

I chose an Under The Sea theme because I love Ariel and my daughters both love The Little Mermaid movie. My daughter is 6 years old and invited a few friends to the party and I invited a few friends with children of various ages to the party. I asked everyone to dress as their favorite princess. The children are going to decorate the Haynes shirts with fabric markers, create a Princess door knob holder, play Disney Trivia games and snack on yummy cake!

Purchased these foam stickers at Hobby Lobby and the kids will be making their own door knob holder.

Decorate your own Haynes shirt with fabric markers

Made these oyster/pearl cookies

This adorable Little Mermaid themed party prop was donated by Sweet Caroline's Studio

Every party needs cake!

Raffle prizes

The Raffle prizes include Ariel themed bubbles, a Disney princess kite, handmade tutu tote bags from, HP photo printing paper, handmade Ariel tumbler from Wiley Oaks Crafts, personalized vinyl decal from Magical Creations and Celebrations, adorable handmade mermaid thank you notes from Mediterraneo Gifts, and the grand prize is the American Tourister 20" spinner! 

The party is in just a few hours, pictures to follow of all the princesses :) 

Thursday, February 6, 2014

Ariel and Prince Eric Disney Couple Facts

My favorite Disney couple is Ariel and Prince Eric. It only makes sense since my favorite Disney movie of all time (ever since I was a little girl) is The Little Mermaid. I have always loved Ariel and meeting her at Disney World was something I looked forward to for years. I've had a fascination with mermaids ever since watching The Little Mermaid. Something about a mermaid turning into a princess and meeting Prince Eric just seem so magical. 

My children could not wait to meet Ariel at the Magic Kingdom at the new Ariel meet n greet in Fantasyland. This was the highlight of my children's day. Well, probably week!

Scenes from The Little Mermaid are depicted in the Journey of the Little Mermaid ride

To read my ride review visit my blog post here

Facts about Ariel and Prince Eric:

Did you know Ariel married Prince Eric when she was just 16 years old?

Prince Eric was 18 years old when he met Ariel.

Did you know Christopher Daniel Barns aka Greg Brady from the Brady Bunch Movie did the voice of Prince Eric in the movie The Little Mermaid?

Three Disney characters can be seen in the movie The Little Mermaid during the scene when King Triton appears--Mickey, Donald and Goofy

Prince Eric's dog is named Max

Did you know Prince Eric is the only Disney Prince who does not sing during the movie?

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

It's Here!! #DisneySide In Home Celebration Party Planning

Look what I got today in the mail?! I was selected to host a #DisneySide in home celebration!! I am beyond excited about this and can't wait to plan a fun themed #DisneySide party for my children and their friends.

Can you tell I am SO excited the package finally arrived!?

Love the American Tourister 20" Spinner! 

Check out the adorable #DisneySide party supplies the suitcase was filled with! Paper plates, cups, napkins, cupcake wrappers, decorations, HP Photo Card Pack for printing the invites, Haynes tee shirts with fabric markers by Crayola, cookie cutters (I have been wanting these for a while!), Craisin's, Trivia game and no party would be complete without balloons.

Can't wait to see what how the kids decorate their Haynes shirts to show their Disney Side!


Stay tuned for photo's from my upcoming #DisneySide party