Tuesday, January 20, 2015

The Little Mermaid Legacy Collection Review

I received The Little Mermaid Legacy Collection cd as a member of the Entertainment New Media Network. No further compensation was received and all opinions are my own. This post may also contain affiliate links.

The Little Mermaid Legacy Collection is an amazing cd complete with the classic Little Mermaid songs from the movie. The Little Mermaid movie was my all time favorite Disney movie as a child. To this day I still enjoy watching it with my children. There are two cd's included in a hard bound book case consisting of the ever popular "Under the Sea" and "A Part Of Your World". This collection is such a fun compilation of hit songs from the movie The Little Mermaid perfect for any Ariel lover! My 7 year old and 3 year old absolutely love to have dance parties and this is their new 'go to' cd for their dance parties!

You can purchase The Little Mermaid Legacy Collection online for just $19.98 at http://www.disneymusicemporium.com/

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Sunday, January 18, 2015

Disney's Castaway Cay Review

Castaway Cay is Disney's own private island located in the Bahamas. Disney purchased a 99 year land lease on Castaway Cay in 1997 from the Bahamian government. Castaway Cay features many activities both on land and in the water for all ages! There is snorkeling equipment available for rent, bikes available for rent and an adult only beach (Serenity Bay) for those looking for some peace and quiet. There are two restaurants on Castaway Cay and a bar and gift shop. There is even a post office on the island featuring special "Castaway Cay" postmarks. Be sure to bring cash because they do not accept anything else and you must purchase Bahamian stamps.
Disney provides trams on the island to transport guests all around the island. The two restaurants are free to guests however you must pay for your own drinks from the bar. Pelican Plunge is free but for those looking for a little more adventure there are other options too but unfortunately they're not free. Jet ski rentals are available but they are not cheap. You can swim with stingrays or snorkel too.
Tips: Bring your kids a few small sand toys from home, they are available to purchase but they're pricey. Bring sunscreen and a book to read. Check your children into the kids club and relax-this is your vacation too! Spend a few hours playing with your kids on the beach and then let them have fun at the kids club while Mom and Dad relax at Serenity Bay having a cocktail and relaxing!
Castaway Cay's Pelican Plunge is a playground in the water

splash park for children of all ages

let's sail away

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Monday, January 12, 2015

Creative Disney Autographs

There are so many fun and creative ways to capture character autographs besides just an autograph book! I am going to share with you just a few idea's for your next Disney vacation or Disney Cruise.

Getting autographs is such a fun experience for children of all ages!
 Creative ways to get autographs:

  • Bring a picture frame mat to the theme parks and have characters sign! The mats with a 2' border are my favorite because there is plenty of room for characters to sign.

  • Bring a white tee shirt and have characters sign this on the front and back! Be sure to use a fabric marker.

  • A Disney storybook is a great way to capture the memories of your vacation with character signatures. These make great presents for friends too! Just don't plan on toting around a heavy book all day. I recommend bringing a small storybook that is light weight :)

  • Pillowcases are my absolute favorite way to creatively capture signatures! I recommend having your child's pillow monogrammed with their name beforehand. Then bring bright fabric markers for each characters signature. Never use Sharpies on fabric as they will bleed in washing machine.
  • Did you know if you are going on a Disney Cruise that you can actually bring your pillowcase to guest services when you board the boat and at the end of the cruise you will receive it back, signed by all of the princesses (or you can choose the classic characters). I would suggest sending the pillow case and fabric markers in a sealed baggie with a thank you note and perhaps some candy for the characters or a small tip.

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Friday, January 2, 2015

Start The New Year Out Healthy

As Mom to three children under age 7 as you can imagine I go out of my way to try to prevent germs. Before the kids eat I always make them wash their hands, at school I send hand sanitizer hooked to their backpacks, I always use a shopping cart cover at the grocery store and of course I rarely let my kids play in those germy mall play areas. I know I can't protect them from everything but I try my best to help them stay healthy.

I recently became a wellness advocate with doTERRA oils. I am going to be using these oils with my new diffuser in the kitchen where we spend most of our time. These essential oils can really help you stay healthy this winter. I had no idea how beneficial oils were until I joined doTERRA. Do you suffer from tension headaches? There's an oil for that. Do you get easily stressed out? Do you find yourself not able to fall asleep at night? Know someone who suffers from restless syndrome or asthma? There's an oil for that and many more common problems that so many of us face. To learn more about these essential oils visit my website at http://www.mydoterra.com/haydendavis/

Start the new year out healthy and arm yourself with essential oils that will boost your immune system, help you sleep better and even fight the flu.

I am really excited for this flu remedy:

FLU BOMB - Use at the onset of illness.  Apply on throat, behind ears and bottoms of feet.
20 drops Oregano
40 drops Lemon
30 drops Onguard
Fill the rest of the way with Fractionated Coconut Oil (FCO)

You can use the oils by dropping a few drops into your diffuser or even by placing a drop or two directly on your foot or back. Some of our oils such as lemon and peppermint are wonderful when added to food. To learn more about these oils and many others visit my website at http://www.mydoterra.com/haydendavis/

So many awesome specials going on right now for those that want to join and become a wellness advocate. 

The new 2015 corporate incentive to join is amazing! If you enroll before January 15th with a 200 PV + order, you get a free Frankincense. That is a $93 value! This is such an amazing essential oil. (An example of a 200 PV initial order is the Home Essentials Kit. It costs $275, is 225 PV and includes 10 bottles of the most popular oils plus the Petal Diffuser and the enrollment fee is included). 

If you think you are going to want to try a lot of the essential oils then I would highly recommend joining as a wellness advocate to take advantage of 25% off the price. I am going to be hosting an information session next week and there will be a very special incentive for those that attend. Join my group here to participate in the information session next week https://www.facebook.com/groups/1018560488158426/

Benefits of joining include:

  • World's highest quality essential oils
  • I will educate you via email on how to use the oils
  • 25% discount off retail prices
  • No obligation to either buy or sell
  • Earn free products

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    Tuesday, December 30, 2014

    Kid Friendly New Years Eve Activities

    It is hard to believe it is almost time to ring in a New Year! As my children get older each year they beg to stay up later and later. I try to have a fun evening to include them in New Years Eve celebrations. We start the night out by having a fun family friendly game of Disney Princess Candy Land followed by ice cream sundae bar. I put toppings out and let them decorate their ice cream with M&M's, sprinkles, chocolate syrup, gummy worms, etc.

    Kid friendly NYE activites:

    • Ice Cream Sundae Bar
    • Board Games
    • Make Resolutions Together
    • Make Your Own Noise Maker
    • Create A Fun Time Capsule Using A Shoebox or Two Liter Bottle
    • Make A Countdown Clock
    • Have A Balloon Drop At Midnight
    Serve a fun and festive milk and cookies snack (Use plastic flutes from a party store)

    Make some creative "mocktails" for your children. Let them help create them, use apple juice or sprite and add fun candy to the drink. Here is a really great website with lots of fun kid friendly mocktails for kids

    Kids love to get creative and what better time than New Years Eve to make a family time capsule?! It is very easy to create using a shoe box or two liter bottle. You can fill the time capsule with a few momento's from the year, such as Disney theme park tickets, photo's, movie ticket stubs, etc. Or you could even download this free time capsule printable

    Include the kids and complete these awesome New Years Resolutions together. 

    Whatever you do on New Years Eve make sure it is something fun and simple. Your kids will enjoy spending special time together as a family. Don't stress over trying to make the perfect New Years celebration, it's all about fun. 

    Tuesday, December 23, 2014

    Great Day Trips From Orlando

    Many people visit Orlando Florida each year for their families vacation. After going to the theme parks it is always fun to take a few days 'off' from the parks and just relax by the pool. I am going to share with you some great day trips for the whole family. Just a few hours drive from Orlando or even less and you can be at one of Florida's beautiful beaches such as Cocoa Beach, FloridaCocoa Beach is often referred to as the "Disney Beach" because it is just a short drive from Orlando. Also, Disney Cruises depart from the port at Port Canaveral which is nearby to Cocoa Beach.

    Another great day trip from Orlando is St. Augustine, Florida. It is a two hour drive from Orlando Florida but totally worth the drive. My family visited St. Augustine, Florida last year and we absolutely loved it! There is a lot of fun stuff to see and do, especially for children. My children loved the Pirate Museum and exploring the fort Castillo De San Marcos. Castillo De San Marcos fort is awesome and we spent about two hours exploring everything, watching the re enactments and they even have working cannon's! The admission prices are just $7 for adults and children under 16 years old are free.

    Inside the Castillo De San Marcos Fort

    St. Augustine offers so much to do, you can take a guided tour on a horse drawn carriage

    For more information on things to do in St. Augustine visit this great website

    Another fun day trip would be to visit LegoLand Florida. My children loved Legoland Florida. We spent the whole day there and wished that we had more time to visit for two days. It is about a 45 minute drive from Orlando. Be sure to read my review on Legoland Florida

    Another great day trip from Orlando is the Kennedy Space Center located in Cape Canaveral Florida. Ticket prices vary. There are several tours offered and you can even have lunch with an astronaut for just $29.99 per adult! 

    Tuesday, December 16, 2014

    Our Christmas Traditions

    In just 9 days YES NINE DAYS!!! it will be Christmas! I have spent months getting ready for this, with three children under 7 years old Christmas can be an expensive, busy and hectic time so I try to plan ahead and start Christmas shopping in mid October. This year my oldest daughter has asked for the Frozen Karaoke machine and a Barbie Dream House from Santa. My 5 year old little boy has asked for a guitar and dinosaurs. He is the easiest to buy presents for because he loves just about anything. I love how his list is so simple consisting of two items. Literally two items! My 3 year old little girl has asked Santa for quite a long detailed list of items, including a pink Pottery Barn Kids chair, Sophia the First sleeping bag, pink lego's, pink glitter shoes, Leap Frog Tag pen, Leapster games, etc.

    Fun Traditions: Baking Christmas Cookies

    I try to get the children involved and let them help with baking cookies

    As far as our Christmas traditions go, we typically put the artificial Christmas tree up on Thanksgiving Day. We decorate it together as a family watching the Macy's Thanksgiving parade on tv. Then each weekend in December we drive around and look at Christmas lights and decorations. This year we even had breakfast at the local YMCA with Santa. It was a huge hit and my children enjoyed creating picture frames too.

    Santa Visit is another fun Christmas tradition for our family

    What are some of your families Christmas traditions?